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Espresso is more than a beverage. It’s a celebration of life as we know it. Zeta Java provides technical expertise and experience to ensure your beverage equipment is in perfect condition for that great cup of  Espresso, Coffee or Tea, that make life’s essence more meaningful 

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We strive to provide quality workmanship in our service and repair of equipment to help facilitate consistence in our client’s products by  ensuring proper calibrations and temperature settings of equipment.There are many variables in making a great cup of espresso. This can be a complex or a simple process.


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Our primary focus is to ensure your coffee/tea and espresso equipment is in perfect working condition to create a perfect drink. This is both an art and a science that stems out of true passion to make a perfect espresso beverage. This separates a good espresso shot from a great shot and in this day and age not many will empower you with what you need to accomplish your dreams.

Zeta Java is your solution.

High-Quality Service

We are here to make your coffee/espresso operation more efficient and productive. We are continually seeking new techniques and technologies to better serve you and your machines.

Espresso Equipment and Parts

The E61 group, or its various versions, can be found on several brands of espresso machines and is still one of the best brew groups available. The group is a substantial mass of brass; its weight plays a vital role in its ability to maintain a consistent temperature — a well-designed system that is worth its weight in the quality of espresso beverage crafted. 


These baskets have an extensive cross-over application. Adding a decimal point and number will designate a different style of ridge, micro-fine filter screen, pod filter or blind basket. Most baskets have ridges to allow the spring retainer of the portafilter handle to better hold the basket. Ridges that go in towards the coffee are easier to pop in and out,unlike the one that go out towards the portafilter,but this allows for a tigh tamper fit. 


We stock most ​parts all brands and makes of espresso machines. Our parts are professional-grade, manufactured and imported from Italy.


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